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How do I find the right contractor?

Find an experienced contractor because price isn't everything. Flooring done right takes time and skill. Low price often means a job done in haste so that the contactor can more onto the next one quickly. Like anything you buy, you get what you pay for, so price should reflect skill level, as well as crediblity. Hiring a contractor isn't like buying a car; you don't get the same thing for a cheaper price. It takes years to accumulate knowledge of what works and what doesn't. It’s an art learned through application, trial and – more often than not – error. Don’t let your floor be the test subject for a contractor’s inexperience.


Why does hiring an insured contractor matter?

Flooring materials are expensive. And since a bad installation may not show signs of failure for several months, it’s important to have an insured contractor because, by law, they are obligated to warrant their work and address problems concerning installation. Installation errors will also void manufacturer warranties.  Liability for expenses related to fixing those issues falls on an insured contractor. An uninsured contractor is not bound to care or repair.


A contractor should provide contact information to his or her insurance agent to prove their insured status. Homeowners are liable for any injuries incurred by uninsured persons on their property.


Sub-flooring sounds somewhat mysterious and complicated – what do I really need to know about it?

Sub-floor prep is one of the most important aspects of installation, so at a minimum, it should be properly cleaned prior to installation. Depending on the type of installation, flooring can fail if the sub-floor isn’t prepped properly. This includes catastrophic glue failure and moisture problems that can swell the wood.


It’s also important that an experienced installer assess the levelness of the sub-floor particularly with floating installations. Planks or boards can come apart due to unevenness in a sub-floor. In a resilient floor installation such as glue down cork or sheet goods, unevenness will telegraph through to the surface.


And lastly, moisture content of the sub-floor should be assessed. Should moisture be present, the cause should be addressed and the floor treated prior to wood installation


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Cleanliness is a priority for you and for us. We have dustless sanding available to prevent any mess being left behind.


We understand the concern for keeping a clean work space and will respect your property as if it was our own. We honor the time frame that we give to you when we start a job. It's our goal to finish a job and pride ourselves on finishing the job in the timeframe we gave to you.

Installing a hardwood floor is more than just a job to us. We take extra steps towards providing the highest level craftsmanship and always work toward the highest standards.

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You have many flooring options through Cummings Hardwood Floors. If you want decorative inlays or even just the new panel floors we are the contractor for you.

Cummings Hardwood Floors is concerned about the environment just as much as you. All of the materials we choose to work with have the environment in mind. Environmentally-friendly certified products are our specialty.

We offer flooring services for both residential and commercial purposes. No job is too large or too small.